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2020 Battalion Reunion Nashville Tennessee

Our Final Hurdle is behind us

Well, we did it, a great reunion in WASHINGTON DC. A presentation of the Navy Cross to the daughter of one of our heros by the Commandant of the Marine Corps and an outstanding 3 day event. 
We will be posting photos of the event on a page for the reunion and we start planning our next reunion that will be in Nashville.

This will be a denim event, yes blue jeans and boots if you own them. The ladies can wear their western outfits if they have one. My wife is already looking at jeans and blouses for the event. 
She is a cow girln at heart and has her own saddle sitting in the living room. I can't believe how motivated she isn for Nashville.

It will be another memoriable event with fun and some changes.
Be looking for more information in the future


New WASHINGTON DC 2018 Photos and Videos
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Allen Austin, gets navy Cross 50 years later......

Allens writeup, click to go to site
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50th Year Reunion 2018  Washington DC Videos

" No one has sacrifised more than a man who laid down his life for his brother"

"Were a band of Warriors with a common past, we were there in 1968"

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