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2018 Battalion Reunion Washington DC Area

18 -19-20-21 July 2018

Our Final Hurdle is behind us

We are now packing for our journey to the nations capitol, proud to say that this reunion will be the largets one yet. We also have brothers from 2-27 and 3-27 that are attending.

Our excitement is our 3 tours that we will do over a two day journey, visting the Marine Corps Museum, Quantico base and have lunch, Visting the Iwo Jima Memorial and The Vietnam Wall and then being guests at the Marine Barracks 8th and I for their sunset parade.

We will top off the reunion with a marvelous dinner banquet, where the Commandant of The Marine Corps will present the Navy Cross to the daughter of one of our own that we lost in 1968.

Lt.Col James G. Zumwalt will be our guest speaker.

Our next reunion,  we are hoping will be in the Central or Western United States. We will know by the end of our reunion and the votes will be taken.

​Many folks are hoping Seattle.

We will post many photos of this event, make sure you return and see our event.

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Allen Austin, gets navy Cross 50 years later......

" No one has sacrifised more than a man who laid down his life for his brother"

"Were a band of Warriors with a common past, we were there in 1968"

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